Date of Posted – 02/02/2018


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Job Duty:
Develop and maintain IOS App for smart hardware. Working with product manager, develop and maintain series iOS (SWIFT) language based App (from scratch) that can monitor power usage of the iPhone and also can communicate with next generation of hardware via Bluetooth protocol.

Develop JAVA/MYSQL application to simplify daily operation Design, Develop and maintain various JAVA/MYSQL based applications that can handle online order data from multiple selling platforms. Streamline order, bill, ship, account process. Build and improve multiple applications that connect sales, shipping software and accounting software according to the need of company.

Develop and maintain E-commerce website Develop, maintain company’s official website based existing Magento Ecommerce platform. Develop product pages using HTML5 web technology. Develop promotional features web app for website using PHP/RESTful method.

Develop and maintain JAVA based web crawler for SEO purpose Develop and maintain JAVA based web crawler to collect various product information on based on the needs of marketing. Utilizing Proxy service, multi-threading program to create robust crawler that can handle various server protection algorithm.